Monday, March 21, 2011

Youtube Covers: Copyright laws?

You know something I don't understand? Why is it when someone posts a cover of a song on youtube it gets taken down due to copyright? They aren't making any money off of the songs, and I mean if it was me, and people all over the world were sitting in their bedrooms and bathrooms doing covers of my songs I'd feel so honored. The weird thing is it's only some videos, so what are those videos that get taken down just to bad that the artist's don't want people hearing their song heard like that? or are they too good, and the artist is jealous. I mean I'm sure all of you heard about the Manitoba girl who did a cover of Lady Gaga's song Born This Way, and Lady Gaga was so honored she asked the girl to preform the song with her. I bet that changed this little girls life, and yet some videos still get taken down?

Maybe I just don't understand enough about youtube, and copyrights..

What do you think?

This is the little girl, I think she does an amazing song. I don't even really care for the new Lady Gaga song, but when this little girl sings it, I like to listen to it. Good for her !


  1. Where are you hearing that covers are being taken down from Youtube? I haven't seen much of that, mostly the opposite.

  2. There is a couple of them I've seen and they have to repost them giving full credit to the artist.

  3. I've seen cover videos muted before - but I think it's fairly rare. I've been interested in copyright on YouTube for the past few years & all I've really learned is that it's ridiculous. Copyright overall has become too extreme in my opinion - when technically, if you are blasting music in your car from a CD you purchased and others can hear it, you're infringing on copyright law. I understand the idea of intellectual property and why copyrights are wanted - but I think it's gone too far. When someone uses a song in a video that they aren't making any profit from I think that should be looked at as flattery - not theft.

  4. Is this the girl that ended up meeting Lady Gaga because of the covers she posted? :)

  5. mia - I completely 100% agree
    kristin - heck yes !