Monday, March 21, 2011

Pros and cons of content filtering in schools

Content filtering is a way to block content based on an analysis of what it is rather than the source or other criteria. mostly it is used to filter emails, web access and to get rid of spam mail. In schools content filtering is needed. you cant just allow students to go on whatever websites they feel, or be looking a porn? (okay the porn was a little far). But i mean, think about it, when you were in high school what websites were you mostly on? Facebook, newgrounds, and other mind numbing boring websites, to waste time on. How do i know you are guilty of this? because everyone is, me included. Even at my job now I wish our websites weren’t blocked. More and more content filtering is taking place. Whether it do be to keep people on task, or to hide things from young eyes it’s nothing you can stop. However you can be smart about it, are you going to be that teacher that blocks as many sites as possible? Or the teacher who is cool and fun and lets their students have free time where they can go on the computers, and play different games. It’s all about discretion, and age. You’re probably not going to block the same sites in a grade 4 class that you would in a high school. .

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out cons to content filtering, and so far, I've only come up with the fact that your students will be mad at you. but that's something you have to deal with. if you’re smart about it, and take the time to actually look at the sites you are blocking and see if they can really do any harm.

So make the right decision and be smart about it.


  1. Actually, teachers aren't the ones who usually block sites in schools - it's usually a district policy or a school policy, often informed by administration or technical staff. I am not sure, as a teacher, you'll get much control over what is blocked and what is not.

  2. that actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for letting me know :)