Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Technology Wordle

There has been so many things I have learnt in this class that I had no idea existed. Before this class I considered myself an above average technology user, I am on the computer everyday, and if you gave me a computer and asked me to do something I could probably figure out pretty easily how to. I'm not so much into the computer science side of computers but more the programs and applications you use on a computer. I have taught my parents how to use the computer and have shown them new and easy ways to do things, which is exaclty what this class does for me. I have really enjoyed this class and I feel as if this class will be the one I take the most away from.

I made this wordle uses the definitions of technology, computers, resource and education which I feel really explain this class as a whole. (Not to mention all the amazing youtube videos I've discovered due to this class).

I think this class needs to be a requirement for all education student now, especially because of the direction that the future is taking us.

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