Tuesday, April 12, 2011

should we vote?

we an election coming up my parents have been constantly asking me if I will vote. This is my first year being eligible to even vote, and frankly I thought it would be a lot more exciting then this. Even when I was younger during election time, I never understood why candidates feel the need to personally attack the opposing team instead of taking all that time and money and actually making an ad about what they are going to do for my city, province and or country. I keep telling my mom I am just going to vote for the Green Party, she doesn't like that idea very much. A friend of mine told me "if you don't vote for liberal or conservative, you're pretty much wasting your vote", why is that? Because from what I have seen so far, the Green Party is one of the only parties who actually tell me what they want to do if they get elected into power. I've decided that if I am infact going to vote, I want to be highly educated on who exactly I am voting for, and what exactly happens then if they win. I read this article in TIME and I know it's for the States, but I thought it was really interesting that one state has picked the winner 25 out of 26 times in the States. If us as newly 18 and 19 year olds vote, will it really infact change anything?,8599,1708570,00.html go to this link, and read this article, decide for yourself if it really is a waste of time voting, or if it is "the year of the youth vote".

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