Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tech Task One

Hello! I'm Natasha, and I'm a first year student at the University of Regina. I am currently enrolled in the Arts Education program, and I am majoring in Music and have not decided my minor quite yet. I attended Robert Usher high school, which is until the School Board shut it down before I got to go into my grade 11 year; I finished off my last two years at Winston Knoll and realized that size does matter. I still live at home with both my parents and one of my older brothers. I have two older brothers and one new sister-in-law, her and my brother have been married just over a year now. I am working part time at the North Supercenter Walmart, as a men’s fashion employee, I have had many different jobs but all of which have been in the retail industry. I have many hobbies that include: singing, reading, writing, scrapbooking and mainly social networking. I have a facebook account which I check more than I should, I also have a twitter account where I started out just following celebrities but now have become a daily tweeter. I have found technology to become a thing of my everyday life, and you will never catch me without my Blackberry or laptop. I have always used technology to help further my learning with school or even just social experiences. I do believe that computing should be encouraged in the classroom from K - 12 but I'd like teachers to also stress the fact that students do still need to know how to use a dictionary, or be able to do math without a calculator. I know that when I was in high school and the school board blocked facebook, I was pretty upset, but I realized I paid more attention in class, and participated more because I wasn't hid behind my computer screen. I was extremely excited for this class because I am a very technology based learner; I pick up on things quickly and am often showing my parents or friends how to use things on their computers or cellphones. In this class I expect to learn more innovative ways to include technology in an arts education room, and what things I should post on the internet now that I am on the path the becoming a teacher. I hope to learn more in-depth things about computers other than just social networking, I also hope to learn more about the ways I can get my students more involved in the classroom by showing them things to do on a computer other than just trying to get out of my classroom by getting distracted by Facebook and other such ways to contact things outside what I am teaching them. To conclude I basically have high expectations for this class in a sense that it will be my favourite class, one of which I learn the most useful knowledge in this semester. Don’t get me wrong I love English and my Arts education class, but I have always been interested in new and innovative tools on the computer and am very excited to get started using them and teaching them to others !

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  1. Ooooh ... high expectations! I better get crackin'!

    Thanks for your descriptive post! I look forward to connecting this semester!